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  • The main difference between a Lager and an Ale come down to the type of yeast and not the colour.

  • Beer is 90% water.

  • Professional tasters may prefer their beer be presented in stemmed white wine glasses because of the shape: By holding the stem, the beer is not warmed up by the judge's hand, while the upward lip of the glass allows the beer's aromas to flow freely.

  • 85 to 90% of beer consumed in Canada is manufactured in Canada. How many industries can say the same thing?

  • Canada has one of the highest beer taxes in the world.

  • In Canada, beer has 3 times the economic impact of wine and spirits combined.

  • Alberta only had 18 breweries in 2013, now there are over 85!

  • Craft Beer only accounts for 15% of beer sales in Canada.

  • The name Porter comes from migrants coming to London to help fuel the early industrial revolution. These workers were known as Porters.

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