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Craft Beer Nation is locally owned and operated

by Dave Rutherford & Clayten Willington.


Here are some fun facts about us:  

  • We also own Red Stag Barbershop   

  • Dave grew up in Ontario while Clayten grew up in Central Alberta but married a maritime girl and lived out east for approx 10 years before moving back.  

  • Clayten has 6 kids and Dave has 2 dogs we want you to feel welcome to bring your kids or dogs into the store.   

  • We really love beer.  But not even close to the same kind. Dave is all about the IPA's, porters, stouts and just about anything with alcohol in it. Clayten is more a lighter, fruit infused, ale or sour kind of guy.  We think this means our store will have a little bit for everyone.

  • We love our city.  We love giving back, supporting other small businesses and whatever we can do to make this place shine. 

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