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Craft Beer Nation is locally owned and operated by Clayten Willington & Dave Rutherford.   Here are some fun facts about us:  

  • We Also own Red Stag Barbershop   

  • Dave Grew up in Ontario While Clayten Grew up in Central Alberta but married a maritime girl and lived out east for approx 10 years before moving back.  

  • Clayten has 6 kids and Dave has 2 dogs we want you to feel welcome to bring your kids or dogs into the store.   

  • We really love beer.  But not even close to the same kind. Dave is all about the IPA's, the porters, the stouts and just about anything. Clayten is more a lighter, fruit infused, ale or sour kind of guy.  We think this means our store will have a little bit for everyone.

  • We love our city.  We love giving back, supporting other small businesses and whatever we can do to make this place shine. 

We know that without our staff, our store would just be a big old cooler full of great beer.  To learn a bit more about the people behind the counter, click here.

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